Help patients locate lost retainers with low cost Ortho Recovery Service.  The service returns the retainer confidentially at no charge to the patient or doctor.  The service is good for the
lifetime of the retainer.  The best $ 5. goodwill investment in the orthodontic industry.
Revolutionary lost and found retainer service.  Confidential recovery service for retainers.  Orthodontic retainer recovery service.  The recovery service arranges the return of the lost
retainer to the owner confidentially and rewards the finder.  The owner is never known to the finder.  Low cost to the practice gives high public relations.  High patient appreciation.
Ortho Recovery Service                
Here's how it works:

>  One of our tiny ID tags is embedded into the retainer during fabrication.
The ID # is specific to that retainer only.  Also on the tag is a toll-free number to call when found.

>  The patient registers the ID number to the service online as instructed.

>  The finder calls the toll-free number.

>  Service arranges
confidential return & rewards finder at no cost to patient or practice.

LOW COST   Practice cost of $ 5. per tag  -  that includes the lifetime service.

GREAT PUBLIC RELATIONS  Patient appreciation for practices and labs

VERSATILITY  Can be used in most sizes and both types of retainers

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY  The newest development for retainers

CONFIDENTIAL  Return is arranged anywhere in the world by the service.
The patient is never known to the finder unless patient requests.

FINDER INCENTIVE  The Ortho Recovery Service     rewards the finder at no cost
to the patient or practice.

INCREASES ODDS  that a lost retainer will be returned.

EASY INSTALLATION   Simple and quick embedding - instructions included

REFERRALS   Patient's friends will request recovery service that you offer
A long awaited solution to lost retainers - the Ortho Recovery Service
Finder Calls Toll-Free 24/7 Service
Operator Arranges Confidential Return
& Finder is Rewarded
at NO Charge to Patient or Practice
Contact us at
(850) 668-6136
While not an insurance policy, this unique service will bring your practice great patient appreciation
This completely unique lost and found service for orthodontic
retainers is the brain child of L Brooks Company.  With years
of experience in the orthodontic marketing field, L Brooks
Company provides hundreds of logoed items specific to
orthodontics.  Linda Brooks, owner used her expertise in both
marketing and orthodontics to create a service not offered by
any other company.  This service will increase returns of lost
retainers by displaying a coded ID number specific to that
retainer, a toll-free number operating 24/7 and the word
REWARD to give the finder incentive to return the retainer
anywhere in the world at no cost to the patient or practice.  
The Ortho Recovery Service arranges a completely
confidential return to the patient so they remain anonymous.  
The finder is given a reward by the service upon verification of
the patient's receipt of the retainer.  Orthodontists receive a
huge amount of patient good will for the $ 5. cost - and there
no renewal fee.  The service is good for the life of the
retainer.   The biggest bang for the buck in
orthodontics today.
A Unique Service Designed for Orthodontics
The embedded tag displays the toll-free number & coded ID number for that retainer only
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Ortho Recovery Service